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DL_Authenticate(3)					    DL_Authenticate(3)

       DL_Authenticate,	 CSSM_DL_Authenticate - Provide authentication creden‐
       tials (CDSA)

       # include <cdsa/cssm.h>

       Handle,	CSSM_DB_ACCESS_TYPE  AccessRequest,  const CSSM_ACCESS_CREDEN‐
       TIALS   *AccessCred)   SPI:   CSSM_RETURN    CSSMDLI    DL_Authenticate
       (CSSM_DL_DB_HANDLE DLDBHandle, CSSM_DB_ACCESS_TYPE AccessRequest, const

       Common Security Services Manager library (libcssm.so)

       The handle pair that describes the add-in data storage  library	module
       used  to	 perform  this	function and the data store to which access is
       being requested. If the	form  of  authentication  being	 requested  is
       authentication  to the DL module in general, then the data store handle
       must be NULL.  An indicator of the requested access mode for  the  data
       store  or  DL  module  in general.  A pointer to the set of one or more
       credentials being presented for authentication by the caller. The  cre‐
       dentials	 can apply to the DL module in general or to a particular data
       store managed by this service module. The credentials required for cre‐
       ating  new data stores is defined by the DL and recorded in a record in
       the MDS Primary DL relation. The required set of credentials to	access
       a  particular  data  store  is  defined by the DbInfo record containing
       meta-data for the specified data store.

	      The credentials structure can contain multiple types of  creden‐
	      tials,  as required for multi-factor authentication. The creden‐
	      tial data can be an immediate value, such as a passphrase,  PIN,
	      certificate,  or	template  of user-specific data, or the caller
	      can specify a callback function the DL can use to obtain one  or
	      more credentials.

       This  function  allows the caller to provide authentication credentials
       to the DL module at a time other than data  store  creation,  deletion,
       open,  import,  and export. AccessRequest defines the type of access to
       be associated with the caller. If the authentication credential applies
       to access and use of a DL module in general, then the data store handle
       specified in the DLDBHandle must be NULL. When the  authorization  cre‐
       dential	is to apply to a specific data store, the handle for that data
       store must be specified in the DLDBHandle pair.

       A CSSM_RETURN value indicating success or specifying a particular error
       condition. The value CSSM_OK indicates success. All other values repre‐
       sent an error condition.

       Errors  are  described	in   the   CDSA	  technical   standard.	   See


       Intel CDSA Application Developer's Guide (see CDSA_intro(3))

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