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TP_ReceiveConfirmation(3)			     TP_ReceiveConfirmation(3)

       TP_ReceiveConfirmation,	CSSM_TP_ReceiveConfirmation - Poll for confir‐
       mation (CDSA)

       # include <cdsa/cssm.h>

       TPHandle,    const    CSSM_DATA	  *ReferenceIdentifier,	  CSSM_TP_CON‐
       FIRM_RESPONSE_PTR *Responses,  sint32  *ElapsedTime)  SPI:  CSSM_RETURN
       CSSMTPI	  TP_ReceiveConfirmation   (CSSM_TP_HANDLE   TPHandle,	 const
       CSSM_DATA      *ReferenceIdentifier,	  CSSM_TP_CONFIRM_RESPONSE_PTR
       *Responses, sint32 *ElapsedTime)

       Common Security Services Manager library (libcssm.so)

       The  handle  that  describes the certification authority module used to
       perform this function.  A reference identifier that uniquely identifies
       a  set of service requests and the results created in response to those
       requests.  An ordered vector of acknowledges  indicating	 the  caller's
       acceptance  or  rejection  of results. The vector contains one acknowl‐
       edgement per result created by the certificate authority.  If the  con‐
       firmation  has  not  been  received, this output value is the number of
       seconds elapsed since the certificate authority created the results  or
       CSSM_ELAPSED_TIME_UNKNOWN.  If the confirmation has been received, this
       output value is CSSM_ELAPSED_TIME_COMPLETE.

       A certificate authority uses this function  to  poll  for  confirmation
       from  a	requester  who	has  been served by the authority. A requester
       sends a confirmation to the  authority  by  successfully	 invoking  the
       function	 CSSM_TP_ConfirmCredResult()  (CSSM  API),  or	TP_ConfirmCre‐
       dResult() (TP SPI).

       The ReferenceIdentifier uniquely identifies  the	 service  request  and
       corresponding  results  for which confirmation is expected. This refer‐
       ence identifier need not be identical to the reference identifier  used
       by  the requester, but a one-to-one mapping between the two name spaces
       must be well-defined.

       Responses is an ordered vector of acknowledgements indicating, for each
       returned	 result,  whether  the	result was accepted or rejected by the
       original requester for whom the service was performed.

       If a result is rejected by the receiver,	 then  the  authority  process
       must undo the service if a reverse operation is possible and available.

       If  a fatal error occurs, this function returns an error code, indicat‐
       ing that the function call can never be completed. If confirmation  has
       not  been  received,  the  function  return  value  is  CSSM_OK and the
       ElapsedTime is returned to the caller of this function. The time repre‐
       sents  elapsed  seconds	since the service results were produced by the
       authority process.  Note that there can be  a  difference  between  the
       time  the  authority  process  produces	the  results  and the time the
       results are actually received by the requester. Elapsed time  is	 rela‐
       tive and should increase with consecutive calls using the same Referen‐
       ceIdentifier. If the TP module has no knowledge of  the	elapsed	 time,
       the  value  CSSM_ELAPSED_TIME_UNKNOWN  must be returned. If the service
       requester has confirmed receipt of the service results,	this  function
       returns CSSM_OK and ElapsedTime is CSSM_ELAPSED_TIME_COMPLETE.

       This  function  can  be	invoked	 repeatedly  until the confirmation is
       received or until the caller decides the acknowledgement	 may  be  lost
       and chooses to undo the results of the original service request.

       This  function  fails if the ReferenceIdentifier is invalid or does not
       match any requested service for which confirmation is expected.

       A CSSM return value combined with elapsed time to indicate one of three

       Complete Function      Function Return	RetrieveOutput		    EstimatedTime
       Result		      Value
       Confirmation	      CSSM_OK		CSSM_ELAPSED_TIME_COM‐
       Received					PLETE
       Confirmation	not   CSSM_OK		CSSM_ELAPSED_TIME_UNKNOWN
       received,	but			or <elapsed seconds>
       expected	   in	the
       Fatal Error, Confir‐   (!CSSM_OK)	NA
       mation	 is	not

       For a return value of (!CSSM_OK) the return value is an error code.

       Errors	are   described	  in   the   CDSA   technical  standard.   See


       Intel CDSA Application Developer's Guide (see CDSA_intro(3))

       Reference Pages

       Functions for the CSSM API:


       Functions for the TP SPI:



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