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CSSM_SPI_ModuleLoad(3)					CSSM_SPI_ModuleLoad(3)

       CSSM_SPI_ModuleLoad  -  Initialize  process between CSSM and the add-in
       service module (CDSA)

       # include <cdsa/cssm.h>

       CSSM_RETURN CSSMSPI  CSSM_SPI_ModuleLoad	 (const	 CSSM_GUID  *CssmGuid,
       const  CSSM_GUID	 *ModuleGuid,  CSSM_SPI_ModuleEventHandler CssmNotify‐
       Callback, void* CssmNotifyCallbackCtx)

       Common Security Services Manager library (libcssm.so)

       The CSSM_GUID of the caller. Used to locate the caller's	 signed	 mani‐
       fest  credentials.   The CSSM_GUID of the invoked service provider mod‐
       ule. Used to locate the module's signed manifest credentials.  A	 func‐
       tion  pointer  for  the	CSSM event handler that manages events of type
       CSSM_MODULE_EVENT.  The context to be returned to CSSM as input on each
       callback to the event handler defined by CssmNotifyCallback.

       This  function completes the module initialization process between CSSM
       and the add-in service module. Before invoking this function, CSSM ver‐
       ifies  the add-in service module's manifest credentials. If the creden‐
       tials verify this  module  is  loaded  (physically  if  required),  the
       CSSM_SPI_ModuleLoad() function is invoked.

       The  CssmGuid parameter identifies the caller and should be used by the
       module to locate the caller's signed manifest credentials and  to  com‐
       plete  integrity	 verification and secure linkage checks on the caller.
       The ModuleGuid identifies the invoked module and should be used by  the
       module  to  locate  its	credentials and to complete an integrity self-

       The CssmNotifyCallback and CssmNotifyCallbackCtx	 parameters  define  a
       callback	 and  callback	context	 respectively.	The module must retain
       this information for later use. The module should use the  callback  to
       notify  CSSM of module events of type CSSM_MODULE_EVENT in any ongoing,
       attached sessions.

       A CSSM_RETURN value indicating success or specifying a particular error
       condition. The value CSSM_OK indicates success. All other values repre‐
       sent an error condition.

       Errors  are  described	in   the   CDSA	  technical   standard.	   See


       Intel CDSA Application Developer's Guide (see CDSA_intro(3))

       Reference Pages

       Functions: CSSM_SPI_ModuleAttach(3), CSSM_SPI_ModuleUnload(3)


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