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CHANGERS(8)							   CHANGERS(8)

       changers - list SCSI autochangers attached to the system

       changers [ -dv ] [ -a b.t.l ] [ -l ]

       The  changers  program  lists  all of the SCSI autochangers (jukeboxes)
       connected to the current system.

       -a b.t.l
	      Selects a specific ordinal SCSI address, where b is the  logical
	      SCSI  bus,  t is the SCSI target, and l is the SCSI logical unit
	      number (LUN) on that target. See libscsi(8).

       -d     Determines the names and addresses of  the  autochanger's	 media
	      elements (for example, tape drives).

       -l     Performs a complete LUN search for all SCSI adapters in the sys‐
	      tem.  This argument is accepted on all  systems,	but  does  not
	      have  any	 effect	 on  HP-UX systems.  Due to the method used to
	      scan for available devices  on  HP-UX  systems,  all  accessible
	      devices  are  always  shown, and the -l option has no additional
	      effect.  On all other platforms, the normal behavior is to start
	      checking	at  LUN 0 for SCSI devices.  The first empty LUN found
	      will end the search for a given target ID.  With the -l  option,
	      all  LUN	present	 on  all target IDs for all SCSI busses in the
	      system will be checked for devices.  This can take a  very  long
	      time  and	 should	 therefore  only  be used when necessary.  For
	      example, a Fibre Channel adapter can  support  126  target  IDs,
	      each  of	which  may have 80 or more LUNs.  Checking all LUNs on
	      this single adapter may take over 10 minutes.

       -v     Lists more detailed  information	about  each  autochanger.  The
	      details indicate how many media transports (MT, for example, ro‐
	      bot  arm),  storage  transports	(ST,   for   example,	slot),
	      import/export  elements  (IE,  for example, mail slot), and data
	      transport (DT) elements the autochanger contains. The -v	option
	      also provides information about the element movement matrix sup‐
	      ported by the autochanger.

       Sample output is shown below: hal$ changers -dv -a 0.2.0
       scsidev@0.2.0:Vendor <SPECTRA>, Product <4000>
	Data Transfer Element at address 80 is scsidev@0.5.0
	       Device:Vendor <HP>, Product <C1533A>
	  System Name: /dev/rmt2.1
	Data Transfer Element at address 81 is scsidev@0.6.0
	       Device:Vendor <HP>, Product <C1533A>
	  System Name: /dev/rmt3.1

		1 MT Element  starting at address 79
	       60 ST Elements starting at address 1
		1 IE Element  starting at address 0
		2 DT Elements starting at address 80

			 Element Movement Matrix

			 ->DT,	->IE,  ->ST,  ->MT


NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			   CHANGERS(8)

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