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BN_bn2bin(3)							  BN_bn2bin(3)

       BN_bn2bin,   BN_bin2bn,	BN_bn2hex,  BN_bn2dec,	BN_hex2bn,  BN_dec2bn,
       BN_print, BN_print_fp, BN_bn2mpi, BN_mpi2bn - Format conversions

       #include <openssl/bn.h>

       int BN_bn2bin(
	       const BIGNUM *a, unsigned char *to ); BIGNUM *BN_bin2bn(
	       const  unsigned	char  *s,  int	len,  BIGNUM  *ret   );	  char
	       const BIGNUM *a ); char *BN_bn2dec(
	       const BIGNUM *a ); int BN_hex2bn(
	       BIGNUM **a, const char *str ); int BN_dec2bn(
	       BIGNUM **a, const char *str ); int BN_print(
	       BIO *fp, const BIGNUM *a ); int BN_print_fp(
	       FILE *fp, const BIGNUM *a ); int BN_bn2mpi(
	       const BIGNUM *a, unsigned char *to ); BIGNUM *BN_mpi2bn(
	       unsigned char *s, int len, BIGNUM *ret );

       The  BN_bn2bin()	 function  converts  the absolute value of a into big-
       endian  form  and  stores  it  at  to.  The  to	value  must  point  to
       BN_num_bytes(a) bytes of memory.

       The  BN_bin2bn()	 function  converts the positive integer in big-endian
       form of length len at s into a BIGNUM and places it in ret.  If ret  is
       NULL, a new BIGNUM is created.

       The BN_bn2hex() and BN_bn2dec() functions return printable strings con‐
       taining the hexadecimal and decimal encoding  of	 a  respectively.  For
       negative numbers, the string is prefaced with a leading '-'. The string
       must be freed later using OPENSSL_free().

       BN_hex2bn() converts the string str containing a hexadecimal number  to
       a  BIGNUM  and  stores it in **bn. If *bn is NULL, a new BIGNUM is cre‐
       ated. If bn is NULL, it only computes the number's length in  hexadeci‐
       mal  digits.  If	 the  string  starts with '-', the number is negative.
       BN_dec2bn() is the same using the decimal system.

       The BN_print() and BN_print_fp() functions write the hexadecimal encod‐
       ing  of	a, with a leading '-' for negative numbers, to the BIO or FILE

       The BN_bn2mpi() and BN_mpi2bn() functions convert BIGNUMs from and to a
       format  that  consists of the number's length in bytes represented as a
       4-byte, big-endian number, and the number itself in big-endian  format,
       where the most significant bit signals a negative number (the represen‐
       tation of numbers with the MSB set is prefixed with null byte).

       The BN_bn2mpi() function stores the representation of a at to, where to
       must  be large enough to hold the result. The size can be determined by
       calling BN_bn2mpi(a, NULL).

       The BN_mpi2bn() function converts the len bytes long representation  at
       s  to  a BIGNUM and stores it at ret, or in a newly allocated BIGNUM if
       ret is NULL.

       The BN_bn2bin() function returns the length of  the  big-endian	number
       placed  at  to.	The  BN_bin2bn()  function returns the BIGNUM, NULL on

       The BN_bn2hex() and  BN_bn2dec()	 functions  return  a  null-terminated
       string,	or  NULL  on  error. The BN_hex2bn() and BN_dec2bn() functions
       return the number's length in hexadecimal or decimal digits, and	 0  on

       The  BN_print_fp()  and	BN_print() functions return 1 on success, 0 on
       write errors.

       The BN_bn2mpi() function returns the length of the representation.  The
       BN_mpi2bn() function returns the BIGNUM, and NULL on error.

       The error codes can be obtained by using the ERR_get_error() function.

       The  BN_bn2bin(),  BN_bin2bn(), BN_print_fp(), and BN_print() functions
       are available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL.

       The BN_bn2hex(), BN_bn2dec(),  BN_hex2bn(),  BN_dec2bn(),  BN_bn2mpi(),
       and BN_mpi2bn() functions were added in SSLeay 0.9.0.

       Functions:    bn(3),    err(3),	  BN_zero(3),	ASN1_INTEGER_to_BN(3),


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