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BN_CTX_start(3)						       BN_CTX_start(3)

       BN_CTX_start, BN_CTX_get, BN_CTX_end - Use temporary BIGNUM variables

	#include <openssl/bn.h>

       void BN_CTX_start(
	       BN_CTX *ctx ); BIGNUM *BN_CTX_get(
	       BN_CTX *ctx ); void BN_CTX_end(
	       BN_CTX *ctx );

       These  functions	 are  used to obtain temporary BIGNUM variables from a
       BN_CTX (which can been created by using the BN_CTX_new()	 function)  in
       order  to  save the overhead of repeatedly creating and freeing BIGNUMs
       in functions that are called from inside a loop.

       A function must call BN_CTX_start() first. Then,	 BN_CTX_get()  may  be
       called  repeatedly  to obtain temporary BIGNUMs. All BN_CTX_get() calls
       must be made before calling any other functions that use the ctx as  an

       Finally,	 BN_CTX_end()  must  be called before returning from the func‐
       tion. When BN_CTX_end() is called, the BIGNUM  pointers	obtained  from
       BN_CTX_get() become invalid.

       The BN_CTX_start() and BN_CTX_end() functions return no values.

       The  BN_CTX_get()  function returns a pointer to the BIGNUM, or NULL on
       error. Once BN_CTX_get() has failed, the subsequent calls  will	return
       NULL as well, so it is sufficient to check the return value of the last
       BN_CTX_get() call. In case of an error, an error code is set, which can
       be obtained by ERR_get_error().

       The BN_CTX_start(), BN_CTX_get(), and BN_CTX_end() functions were added
       in OpenSSL 0.9.5.

       Functions: BN_CTX_new(3)


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