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BIO_new(3)							    BIO_new(3)

       BIO_new,	 BIO_set,  BIO_free,  BIO_vfree, BIO_free_all - BIO allocation
       and freeing functions

       #include <openssl/bio.h>

       BIO * BIO_new(
	       BIO_METHOD *type ); int	 BIO_set(
	       BIO *a,
	       BIO_METHOD *type ); int	 BIO_free(
	       BIO *a ); void BIO_vfree(
	       BIO *a ); void BIO_free_all(
	       BIO *a );

       The BIO_new() function returns a new BIO using method type.

       The BIO_set() function sets the method of an already existing BIO.

       The BIO_free() function frees up a single BIO. The  BIO_vfree()function
       also  frees  up	a  single  BIO but it does not return a value. Calling
       BIO_free() functon might also have some effect on  the  underlying  I/O
       structure,  for	example	 it may close the file being referred to under
       certain circumstances. For more details see the	individual  BIO_METHOD

       The  BIO_free_all()  function frees up an entire BIO chain. It does not
       halt if an error occurs freeing up an individual BIO in the chain.

       Some BIOs, such as memory BIOs, can be used immediately	after  calling
       BIO_new().  Others, such as file BIOs, need some additional initializa‐
       tion, and frequently a utility function exists to create and initialize
       such BIOs.

       If  the	BIO_free() function is called on a BIO chain it will only free
       one BIO, resulting in a memory leak.

       Calling BIO_free_all() a single BIO has	the  same  effect  as  calling
       BIO_free() on it other than the discarded return value.

       Usually	the  type  argument  is supplied by a function which returns a
       pointer to a BIO_METHOD. There is a naming convention  for  such	 func‐
       tions:  a  source/sink BIO is usually called BIO_s_*(), and a filter is
       called BIO BIO_f_*().

       The BIO_new() function returns a newly created BIO or NULL if the  call

       The  BIO_set()  and BIO_free() functions return 1 for success and 0 for

       The BIO_free_all() and BIO_vfree() functions do not return values.

       Create a memory BIO: BIO *mem = BIO_new(BIO_s_mem());



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