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ATOF(3)			 BSD Library Functions Manual		       ATOF(3)

     atof — convert ASCII string to double

     #include <stdlib.h>

     atof(const char *nptr);

     The atof() function converts the initial portion of the string pointed to
     by nptr to double representation.

     It is equivalent to:

	   strtod(nptr, (char **)NULL);

     atoi(3), atol(3), strtod(3), strtol(3), strtoul(3)

     The atof() function conforms to ANSI X3.159-1989 (“ANSI C89”).

     This manual page represents intent instead of actual practice.  While it
     is intended that atof() be implemented using strtod(3), this has not yet
     happened.	In the current system, atof() translates a string in the fol‐
     lowing form to a double: a string of leading white space, possibly fol‐
     lowed by a sign (``+'' or ``-''), followed by a digit string which may
     contain one decimal point (``.''), which may be followed by either of the
     exponent flags (``E'' or ``e''), and lastly, followed by a signed or
     unsigned integer.

BSD				 June 4, 1993				   BSD

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