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abort(3)            - cause abnormal program termination
abs(3)              - integer absolute value function
ac(8)               - display connect time accounting
acc(4)              - ACC LH/DH IMP interface
accept(2)           - accept a connection on a socket
access(2)           - check access permissions of a file or pathname
acct(2)             - enable or disable process accounting
acct(5)             - execution accounting file
ace(4)              - ACC 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
acl_check(3)        - access control list routines
acos(3)             - arc cosine function
acosh(3)            - inverse hyperbolic cosine function
active(5)           - list of active Usenet newsgroups
acucntrl(8)         - turn around tty line between dialin and dialout
ad(4)               - Data Translation A/D converter
addftinfo(1)        - add information to troff font files for use with groff
adduser(8)          - procedure for adding new users
adjtime(2)          - "correct the time to allow synchronization of the system clock"
adventure(6)        - an exploration game
afmtodit(1)         - create font files for use with groff - Tps
alarm(3)            - set signal timer alarm
alloca(3)           - memory allocator
amd(8)              - automatically mount file systems
amq(8)              - automounter query tool
ansitape(1)         - ANSI standard tape handler
a.out(5)            - assembler and link editor output format
apply(1)            - apply a command to a set of arguments
apropos(1)          - locate commands by keyword lookup
ar(1)               - create and maintain library archives
ar.5(5)             - archive(library) file format
archive(8)          - Usenet article archiver
arithmetic(6)       - quiz on simple arithmetic
arp4(4)             - Address Resolution Protocol
arp(8)              - address resolution display and control
ascii(7)            - octal, hexadecimal and decimal ASCII character sets
asin(3)             - arc sine function
asinh(3)            - inverse hyperbolic sine function
assert(3)           - expression verification macro
atan2(3)            - arc tangent function of two variables
atan(3)             - arc tangent function of one variable
atanh(3)            - inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atc(6)              - air traffic controller game
atexit(3)           - register a function to be called on exit
atof(3)             - convert ASCII string to double
atoi(3)             - convert ASCII string to integer
atol(3)             - convert ASCII string to long integer
autoconf(4)         - diagnostics from the autoconfiguration code
awk(1)              - pattern scanning and processing language
backgammon(6)       - the game of backgammon
bad144(8)           - read/write dec standard 144 bad sector information
badsect(8)          - create files to contain bad sectors
banner(6)           - print large banner on printer
basename(1)         - return filename or directory portion of pathname
batcher(8)          - article batching backend for InterNetNews
battlestar(6)       - a tropical adventure game
bcd(6)              - "reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code"
bcmp(3)             - compare byte string
bcopy(3)            - copy byte string
bdes(1)             - encrypt/decrypt using the Data Encryption Standard
bib(1)              - bibliographic formatter
biff(1)             - "be notified if mail arrives and who it is from"
bind(2)             - bind a name to a socket
bitstring(3)        - bit-string manipulation macros
boggle(6)           - word search game
boot_hp300(8)       - system bootstrapping procedures
boot_i386(8)        - system bootstrapping procedures
boot_sparc(8)       - UNIX bootstrapping procedures
boot_tahoe(8)       - system bootstrapping procedures
boot_vax(8)         - system bootstrapping procedures
bpf(4)              - Berkeley Packet Filter
brk(2)              - change data segment size
bsearch(3)          - binary search of a sorted table
bstring(3)          - byte string operations
btoa(1)             - encode/decode binary to printable ASCII
btree(3)            - btree database access method
buffchan(8)         - buffered file-writing backend for InterNetNews
bugfiler(8)         - file bug reports in folders automatically
bwtwo(4)            - monochromatic frame buffer
byteorder(3)        - convert values between host and network byte order
bzero(3)            - write zeroes to a byte string
caesar(6)           - decrypt caesar cyphers
cal(1)              - displays a calendar
calendar(1)         - reminder service
calloc(3)           - allocate clean memory (zero initialized space)
canfield(6)         - the solitaire card game canfield
cap_mkdb(1)         - create capability database
cat(1)              - concatenate and print files
cc(1)               - GNU project C and C++ Compiler (v2 preliminary)
cccp(1)             - the GNU C-compatible compiler preprocessor
cd(1)               - change working directory
ceil(3)             - smallest integral value not greater than x
cgsix(4)            - accelerated 8-bit color frame buffer
cgthree(4)          - 8-bit color frame buffer
charset(1)          - print all characters within a given character subset of an interpress font
chdir(2)            - change current working directory
checknr(1)          - check nroff/troff files
chess(6)            - GNU chess
chflags(1)          - change file flags
chflags(2)          - set file flags
chgrp(1)            - change group
chkey(1)            - change your encryption key
chmod(1)            - change file modes
chmod(2)            - change mode of file
chown(2)            - change owner and group of a file
chown(8)            - change file owner and group
chpass(1)           - add or change user database information
chroot(2)           - change root directory
chroot(8)           - change root directory
ci(1)               - check in RCS revisions
cksum(1)            - display file checksums and block counts
clientlib(3)        - NNTP clientlib part of InterNetNews library
clnp(4)             - Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol
clock(3)            - determine processor time used
close(2)            - delete a descriptor
clri(8)             - clear an inode
cltp(4)             - ISO Connectionless Transport Protocol
cmp(1)              - compare two files
co(1)               - check out RCS revisions
col(1)              - filter reverse line feeds from input
colcrt(1)           - filter nroff output for CRT previewing
colrm(1)            - remove columns from a file
column(1)           - columnate lists
comm(1)             - select or reject lines common to two files
compact(1)          - compress and uncompress files, and cat them
compress(1)         - compress and expand data
compressdir(1)      - compress and uncompress directories of files
comsat(8)           - biff server
config(8)           - build kernel compilation directories
confstr(3)          - get string-valued configurable variables
connect(2)          - initiate a connection on a socket
cons(4)             - keyboard and console display interface
control.ctl(5)      - specify handling of Usenet control messages
convdate(1)         - convert time/date strings and numbers
core(5)             - memory image file format
cos(3)              - cosine function
cosh(3)             - hyperbolic cosine function
cp(1)               - copy files
cpp(1)              - the GNU C-compatible compiler preprocessor
crash(8)            - UNIX system failures
creat(2)            - create a new file
cribbage(6)         - the card game cribbage
crl(4)              - VAX 8600 console RL Ns 02 interface
crypt(3)            - DES encryption
csh(1)              - a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
css(4)              - DEC IMP-11A LH/DH IMP interface
ct(4)               - CS/80 cartridge tape interface
ctags(1)            - create a tags file
ctermid(3)          - generate terminal pathname
ctime(3)            - transform binary date and time value to ASCII
ctlinnd(8)          - control the InterNetNews daemon
ctype(3)            - character classification macros
curses(3)           - screen functions with ``optimal'' cursor motion
cut(1)              - select portions of each line of a file
cvtbatch(8)         - convert Usenet batch file to INN format
cy(4)               - Cipher/tapemaster magtape interface
daemon(3)           - run in the background
date(1)             - display or set date and time
dbopen(3)           - database access methods
dbx(1)              - debugger
dbx.5(5)            - dbx symbol table information
dca(4)              - HP 98644A communications interface
dcl(4)              - HP 98628A communications link
dcm(4)              - HP 98642A communications multiplexer
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
ddn(4)              - DDN Standard Mode X.25 IMP interface
de(4)               - DEC DEUNA 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
des_crypt(3)        - (new) DES encryption
dev_mkdb(8)         - create
devname(3)          - get device name
df(1)               - display free disk space
dh(4)               - DH-11 Ns / Tn DM-11 multiplexer device interface
dhu(4)              - DHU-11 communications multiplexer
diff(1)             - differential file and directory comparator
diff3(1)            - 3-way differential file comparison
dig(1)              - send domain name query packets to name servers
dipress(1)          - convert device independent troff output to interpress
dir(5)              - directory file format
directory(3)        - directory operations
disklabel.5(5)      - disk pack label
disklabel(8)        - read and write disk pack label
diskless_offset(8)  - set up a server for diskless/dataless clients
diskless_setup(8)   - set up a server for diskless/dataless clients
diskpart(8)         - calculate default disk partition sizes
disktab(5)          - disk description file
distrib.pats(5)     - default values for Usenet Distribution header
div(3)              - return quotient and remainder from division
dlmpcc(8)           - download MPCC
dm(8)               - dungeon master
dmc(4)              - DEC DMC-11 Ns / Tn DMR-11 point-to-point communications device
dm.conf(5)          - dm configuration file
dmesg(8)            - "display the system message buffer"
dmf(4)              - DMF-32 terminal multiplexor
dmv(4)              - DEC DMV-11 point-to-point communications device
dmz(4)              - DMZ-32 terminal multiplexor
dn(4)               - DN-11 autocall unit interface
doc(1)              - diagnose unhealthy DNS domains
dr(4)               - Ikon DR-11W interface
drtest(8)           - standalone disk test program
drum(4)             - paging device
du(1)               - display disk usage statistics
dump(8)             - filesystem backup
dumpfs(8)           - dump file system information
dumplfs(8)          - dump file system information
dungeon(6)          - Adventures in the Dungeons of Doom
dup(2)              - duplicate an existing file descriptor
dv(4)               - HP98730 ``DaVinci'' device interface
dz(4)               - DZ-11 multiplexer device interface
ec(4)               - 3Com 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
echo(1)             - write arguments to the standard output
ed(1)               - line oriented text editor
edquota(8)          - edit user quotas
eeprom(8)           - openprom control utility
emacs(1)            - GNU project Emacs
emacstool(1)        - run emacs under Sun windows with function-key and mouse support.
en(4)               - Xerox 3 Mb/s Ethernet interface
end(3)              - end boundaries of image segments
enp(4)              - CMC 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
environ(7)          - user environment
eqn(1)              - format equations for troff
erf(3)              - error function operators
err(3)              - formatted error messages
error(1)            - analyze and disperse compiler error messages
esis(4)             - End System to Intermediate System Routing Protocol
euc(4)              - EUC encoding of runes
ex(1)               - text editor
ex(4)               - Excelan 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
exec(3)             - execute a file
execve(2)           - execute a file
_exit(2)            - terminate the calling process
exit(3)             - perform normal program termination
exp(3)              - exponential, logarithm, power functions
expand(1)           - expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
expire(8)           - Usenet article and history expiration program
expire.ctl(5)       - control file for Usenet article expiration
expireover(8)       - Expire entries from the news overview database
exports(5)          - define remote mount points for NFS mount requests
ext_srvtab(8)       - extract service key files from Kerberos key distribution center database
fabs(3)             - floating-point absolute value function
factor(6)           - factor a number, generate primes
false(1)            - return false value
fastboot(8)         - "reboot/halt the system without checking the disks"
fastrm(8)           - quickly remove a set of files
fclose(3)           - close a stream
fcntl(2)            - file control
fd(4)               - file descriptor files
ferror(3)           - check and reset stream status
fflush(3)           - flush a stream
ffs(3)              - find first bit set in a bit string
fgetln(3)           - get a line from a stream
fgets(3)            - get a line from a stream
file(1)             - identify file content
filechan(8)         - file-writing backend for InterNetNews
find(1)             - walk a file hierarchy
finger(1)           - user information lookup program
fingerd(8)          - remote user information server
fish(6)             - play ``Go Fish''
fl(4)               - console floppy interface
flcopy(8)           - floppy copy
flex(1)             - fast lexical analyzer generator
flock(2)            - "apply or remove an advisory lock on an open file"
floor(3)            - largest integral value not greater than x
fmod(3)             - floating-point remainder function
fmt(1)              - simple text formatter
fnmatch(3)          - match filename or pathname
fold(1)             - "fold long lines for finite width output device"
fopen(3)            - stream open functions
fork(2)             - create a new process
format(8)           - how to format disk packs
fortune(6)          - "print a random, hopefully interesting, adage"
fpr(1)              - print Fortran file
fputs(3)            - output a line to a stream
fread(3)            - binary stream input/output
free(3)             - free up memory allocated with malloc, calloc or realloc
frexp(3)            - convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
from(1)             - print names of those who have sent mail
fs(5)               - format of file system volume
fsck(8)             - filesystem consistency check and interactive repair
fseek(3)            - reposition a stream
fsinfo(8)           - co-ordinate site-wide filesystem information
fsplit(1)           - split a multi-routine Fortran file into individual files
fstab(5)            - static information about the filesystems
fstat(1)            - file status
fsync(2)            - "synchronize a file's in-core state with that on disk"
ftime(3)            - get date and time
ftp(1)              - ARPANET file transfer program
ftpd(8)             - Internet File Transfer Protocol server
fts(3)              - traverse a file hierarchy
funopen(3)          - open a stream
g++(1)              - GNU project C++ Compiler (v2 preliminary)
gawk(1)             - pattern scanning and processing language
gb(4)               - HP98700 ``Gatorbox'' device interface
gcc(1)              - GNU project C and C++ Compiler (v2 preliminary)
gcore(1)            - get core images of running process
gdb(1)              - the GNU debugger
getbsize(3)         - get user block size
getc(3)             - get next character or word from input stream
getcap(3)           - capability database access routines
getcwd(3)           - get working directory pathname
getdirentries(2)    - "get directory entries in a filesystem independent format"
getdiskbyname(3)    - get generic disk description by its name
getdtablesize(2)    - get descriptor table size
getenv(3)           - environment variable functions
getfh(2)            - get file handle
getfsent(3)         - get file system descriptor file entry
getfsstat(2)        - get list of all mounted filesystems
getgid(2)           - get group process identification
getgrent(3)         - group database operations
getgrouplist(3)     - calculate group access list
getgroups(2)        - get group access list
gethostbyname(3)    - get network host entry
gethostid(3)        - get/set unique identifier of current host
gethostname(3)      - get/set name of current host
getitimer(2)        - get/set value of interval timer
getlist(1)          - get a list from an NNTP server
getloadavg(3)       - get system load averages
getlogin(2)         - get/set login name
getmntinfo(3)       - get information about mounted file systems
getmntopts(3)       - scan mount options
getnetent(3)        - get networks entry
getnetgrent(3)      - netgroup database operations
getopt(3)           - get option letter from argv
getpagesize(3)      - get system page size
getpass(3)          - get a password
getpeername(2)      - get name of connected peer
getpgrp(2)          - get process group
getpid(2)           - get parent or calling process identification
getpriority(2)      - get/set program scheduling priority
getprotoent(3)      - get protocol entry
getpw(3)            - get name from uid
getpwent(3)         - password database operations
getrlimit(2)        - control maximum system resource consumption
getrusage(2)        - get information about resource utilization
getservent(3)       - get service entry
getsockname(2)      - get socket name
getsockopt(2)       - get and set options on sockets
getsubopt(3)        - get sub options from an argument
gettimeofday(2)     - get/set date and time
getttyent(3)        - get ttys file entry
getty(8)            - set terminal mode
gettytab(5)         - terminal configuration data base
getuid(2)           - get user identification
getusershell(3)     - get legal user shells
getvfsbyname(3)     - get information about a filesystem
glob(3)             - generate pathnames matching a pattern
gomoku(6)           - game of 5 in a row
gperf(1)            - generate a perfect hash function from a key set
gprof(1)            - display call graph profile data
grep(1)             - file pattern searcher
grephistory(1)      - display file names from Usenet history file
grf(4)              - HP graphics frame buffer device interface
grodvi(1)           - convert groff output to TeX dvi format
groff(1)            - front end for the groff document formatting system
groff_char(7)       - groff character names
groff_font(5)       - format of groff device and font description files
groff_out(5)        - groff intermediate output format
grog(1)             - guess options for groff command
grops(1)            - PostScript driver for groff
grotty(1)           - groff driver for typewriter-like devices
group(5)            - format of the group permissions file
groups(1)           - show group memberships
gzexe(1)            - compress executable files in place
gzip(1)             - compress or expand files
hack(6)             - exploring The Dungeons of Doom
hangman(6)          - the game of hangman
hash(3)             - hash database access method
hdh(4)              - ACC IF-11/HDH IMP interface
head(1)             - display first lines of a file
hexdump(1)          - ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump
hier(7)             - layout of filesystems
hil(4)              - Human Interface Link device driver
history(1)          - shell history programs
history(5)          - record of current and recently expired Usenet articles
hk(4)               - RK6-11 Ns / Tn RK06 and RK07 disk interface
host(1)             - query nameserver about domain names and zones
hostname(1)         - set or print name of current host system
hostname(7)         - host name resolution description
hosts(5)            - host name data base
hosts.nntp(5)       - list of hosts that feed NNTP news
hp(4)               - MASSBUS disk interface
ht(4)               - TM-03 Ns / Tn TE-16, TU-45, TU-77 MASSBUS magtape device interface:
hunt(6)             - a multi-player multi-terminal game
huntd(6)            - hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game
hy(4)               - Network Systems Hyperchannel interface
hypot(3)            - euclidean distance and complex absolute value functions
icmp(4)             - Internet Control Message Protocol
id(1)               - return user identity
ident(1)            - identify files
idp(4)              - Xerox Internet Datagram Protocol
ieee(3)             - "IEEE 754 floating point support
ifconfig(8)         - configure network interface parameters
ik(4)               - "Ikonas frame buffer, graphics device interface"
il(4)               - Interlan NI1010 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
indent(1)           - indent and format C program source
index(3)            - locate character in string
indxbib(1)          - make inverted index for bibliographic databases
inet(3)             - Internet address manipulation routines
inet(4)             - Internet protocol family
inetd(8)            - internet "super-server"
inews(1)            - send a Usenet article to the local news server for distribution
infnan(3)           - signals invalid floating-point operations on a VAX(temporary)
init(8)             - process control initialization
initgroups(3)       - initialize group access list
inn.conf(5)         - configuration data for InterNetNews programs
innconfval(1)       - get an InterNetNews configuration parameter
innd(8)             - InterNetNews daemon
inndcomm(3)         - INND communication part of InterNetNews library
innwatch.ctl(5)     - control Usenet supervision by innwatch
innxmit(8)          - send Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server
insque(3)           - insert/remove element from a queue
install(1)          - install binaries
installboot(8)      - installs a boot program in a file system
installit(1)        - file/directory installation tool
intro(7)            - miscellaneous information pages
intro(8)            - "introduction to system maintenance and operation commands"
invert(1)           - create and access an inverted index
ioctl(2)            - control device
iostat(8)           - report I/O statistics
ip(4)               - Internet Protocol
ipf(1)              - count pages in an Interpress file
ipfe(1)             - Interpress File Editor
ipmetrics(1)        - convert an Interpress metrics master to other forms
iptotext(1)         - convert an interpress file into intertext
iptroff(1)          - convert troff to Interpress
isalnum(3)          - alphanumeric character test
isalpha(3)          - alphabetic character test
isascii(3)          - test for ASCII character
isblank(3)          - space or tab character test
iscntrl(3)          - control character test
isdigit(3)          - decimal-digit character test
isgraph(3)          - printing character test (space character exclusive)
isinf(3)            - test for infinity or not-a-number
islower(3)          - lower-case character test
iso(4)              - ISO protocol family
iso_addr(3)         - "elementary network address conversion routines for Open System Interconnection
isprint(3)          - printing character test (space character inclusive)
ispunct(3)          - punctuation character test
isspace(3)          - white-space character test
isupper(3)          - upper-case character test
isxdigit(3)         - hexadecimal-digit character test
ite(4)              - HP Internal Terminal Emulator
ix(4)               - Interlan Np100 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
j0(3)               - bessel functions of first and second kind
join(1)             - relational database operator
jot(1)              - print sequential or random data
kdb_destroy(8)      - destroy Kerberos key distribution center database
kdb_edit(8)         - Kerberos key distribution center database editing utility
kdb_init(8)         - initialize Kerberos key distribution center database
kdb_util(8)         - Kerberos key distribution center database utility
kdestroy(1)         - destroy Kerberos tickets
kdump(1)            - display kernel trace data
kerberos(1)         - introduction to the Kerberos system
keylogin(1)         - decrypt and store secret key
kg(4)               - KL-11 Ns / Tn DL-11W line clock
kgmon(8)            - generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers
kill(1)             - terminate or signal a process
kill(2)             - send signal to a process
killpg(2)           - send signal to a process group
kinit(1)            - Kerberos login utility
klist(1)            - list currently held Kerberos tickets
kpasswdd(8)         - Kerberos password changing daemon
krb(3)              - Kerberos authentication library
krb.conf(5)         - Kerberos configuration file
krb_realmofhost(3)  - additional Kerberos utility routines
krb.realms(5)       - host to Kerberos realm translation file
krb_sendauth(3)     - Kerberos routines for sending authentication via network stream sockets
krb_set_tkt_string(3) - set Kerberos ticket cache file name
ksrvtgt(1)          - fetch and store Kerberos ticket-granting-ticket using a service key
kstash(8)           - stash Kerberos key distribution center database master key
ktrace(1)           - enable kernel process tracing
ktrace(2)           - process tracing
kuserok(3)          - Kerberos version of ruserok
kvm(3)              - kernel memory interface
kvm_geterr(3)       - get error message on kvm descriptor
kvm_getfiles(3)     - survey open files
kvm_getloadavg(3)   - get error message on kvm descriptor
kvm_getprocs(3)     - access user process state
kvm_mkdb(8)         - create kernel database
kvm_nlist(3)        - retrieve symbol table names from a kernel image
kvm_open(3)         - initialize kernel virtual memory access
kvm_read(3)         - read or write kernel virtual memory
labs(3)             - return the absolute value of a long integer
lam(1)              - laminate files
larn(6)             - exploring the caverns of Larn
last(1)             - indicate last logins of users and ttys
lastcomm(1)         - show last commands executed in reverse order
ld(1)               - link editor, dynamic link editor
ldconfig(8)         - link-editor configuration
ldd(1)              - list dynamic dependencies
ldexp(3)            - multiply floating-point number by integral power of 2
ldiv(3)             - return quotient and remainder from division
le(4)               - HP AMD 7990 LANCE Ethernet interface
leave(1)            - remind you when you have to leave
lex(1)              - fast lexical analyzer generator
lfs_cleanerd(8)     - garbage collect a log-structured file system
lgamma(3)           - (unknown subject)
libinn(3)           - InterNetNews library routines
link(2)             - make a hard file link
link(5)             - link editor interfaces
linkaddr(3)         - elementary address specification routines for link level access
listen(2)           - listen for connections on a socket
lkbib(1)            - search bibliographic databases
ln(1)               - make links
lo(4)               - software loopback network interface
locate(1)           - find files
lock(1)             - reserve a terminal
logger(1)           - make entries in the system log
login(1)            - log into the computer
logname(1)          - display user's login name
look(1)             - display lines beginning with a given string
lookbib(1)          - search bibliographic databases
lorder(1)           - list dependencies for object files
lp(4)               - line printer
lpc(8)              - line printer control program
lpd(8)              - line printer spooler daemon
lpq(1)              - spool queue examination program
lpr(1)              - off line print
lprm(1)             - remove jobs from the line printer spooling queue
lptest(1)           - generate lineprinter ripple pattern
ls(1)               - list directory contents
lsearch(3)          - linear searching routines
lseek(2)            - reposition read/write file offset
madvise(2)          - give advise about use of memory
maha(1)             - make and print interpress files
mail(1)             - send and receive mail
mailaddr(7)         - mail addressing description
maildelivery(5)     - (unknown subject)
mail.local(8)       - store mail in a mailbox
make(1)             - maintain program dependencies
MAKEDEV(8)          - create system and device special files
makedev(8)          - make system special files
makekey(8)          - make encrypted keys or passwords
make_keypair(8)     - generate Kerberos host key pair
makextdev(1)        - create tables to allow iptroff to access 16 bit characters
malloc(3)           - general memory allocation function
man(1)              - display the on-line manual pages
man.conf(5)         - configuration file for
map3270(5)          - database for mapping ascii keystrokes into IBM 3270 keys
math(3)             - introduction to mathematical library functions
mbrune(3)           - multibyte rune support for C
mdoc(7)             - quick reference guide for the -mdoc macro package
mdoc.samples(7)     - tutorial sampler for writing BSD manuals with -mdoc
me(7)               - macros for formatting papers
mem(4)              - main memory
memccpy(3)          - copy string until character found
memchr(3)           - locate byte in byte string
memcmp(3)           - compare byte string
memcpy(3)           - copy byte string
memmove(3)          - copy byte string
memory(3)           - general memory allocation operations
memset(3)           - write a byte to byte string
merge(1)            - three-way file merge
mesg(1)             - display (do not display) messages from other users
mh(1)               - Message Handler
mhe(1)              - Display interface to Rand Mail Handler
mh-gen(8)           - generating the MH system
mille(6)            - play Mille Bornes
mincore(2)          - get advise about use of memory
mk-amd-map(8)       - create database maps for Amd
mkdep(1)            - construct Makefile dependency list
mkdir(1)            - make directories
mkdir(2)            - make a directory file
mkfifo(1)           - make fifos
mkfifo(2)           - make a fifo file
mklocale(1)         - make LC_CTYPE locale files
mknod(2)            - make a special file node
mknod(8)            - build special file
mkstr(1)            - create an error message file by massaging C source
mktemp(3)           - make temporary file name(unique)
mlock(2)            - lock(unlock) physical pages in memory
mm(7)               - groff mm macros
mmap(2)             - map files or devices into memory
moderators(5)       - mail addresses for moderated Usenet newsgroups
modf(3)             - extract signed integral and fractional values from floating-point number
moncontrol(3)       - control execution profile
monop(6)            - Monopoly game
more(1)             - file perusal filter for crt viewing
mount(2)            - mount or dismount a filesystem
mount(8)            - mount file systems
mount_cd9660(8)     - mount an ISO-9660 filesystem
mountd(8)           - service remote NFS mount requests
mount_fdesc(8)      - mount the file-descriptor file system
mount_kernfs(8)     - mount the /kern file system
mount_lfs(8)        - mount a log-structured file system
mount_nfs(8)        - mount nfs file systems
mount_null(8)       - mount a loopback filesystem sub-tree; demonstrate the use of a null file system layer
mount_portal(8)     - mount the portal daemon
mount_procfs(8)     - mount the process file system
mount_umap(8)       - sample file system layer
mount_union(8)      - mount union filesystems
mp2res(1)           - convert a MacPaint file to an RES file
mpcc(4)             - multi protocol communications controller
mpcctab(4)          - MPCC configuration file
mpool(3)            - shared memory buffer pool
mprof(1)            - display dynamic memory allocation data
mprotect(2)         - control the protection of pages
mset(1)             - retrieve ASCII to IBM 3270 keyboard map
msgs(1)             - system messages and junk mail program
msync(2)            - synchronize a mapped region
mt(1)               - magnetic tape manipulating program
mt(4)               - TM78 Ns / Tn TU-78 MASSBUS magtape interface
mtio(4)             - UNIX magtape interface
mtree(8)            - map a directory hierarchy
multibyte(3)        - multibyte character support for C
munmap(2)           - remove a mapping
mv(1)               - move files
named(8)            - Internet domain name server
named.reload(8)     - cause the name server to synchronize its database
named.restart(8)    - stop and restart the name server
named-xfer(8)       - ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers
netgroup(5)         - defines network groups
netintro(4)         - introduction to networking facilities
netstat(1)          - show network status
networks(5)         - network name data base
newfs(8)            - construct a new file system
newlfs(8)           - construct a new LFS file system
new.mprof(1)        - display dynamic memory allocation data
news.daily(8)       - do regular Usenet system administration
newsetup(1)         - a program to set up a .newsrc file
newsfeeds(5)        - determine where Usenet articles get sent
newsgroups(1)       - a program to list unsubscribed newsgroups.
newslog(5)          - description of Usenet log files
newslog(8)          - maintenance of Usenet log files
news-recovery(8)    - tools to recover Usenet databases
nfsd(8)             - remote NFS server
nfsiod(8)           - local NFS asynchronous I/O server
nfsstat(1)          - display NFS statistics
nfssvc(2)           - NFS services
nice(1)             - execute a command at a low scheduling priority
nice(3)             - set program scheduling priority
nlist(3)            - retrieve symbol table name list from an executable file
nm(1)               - display name list (symbol table)
nnrp.access(5)      - access file for on-campus NNTP sites
nnrpd(8)            - NNTP server for on-campus hosts
nntpget(1)          - get Usenet articles from a remote NNTP server
nntpsend(8)         - send Usenet articles to remote site
nntpsend.ctl(5)     - list of sites to feed via nntpsend
nohup(1)            - invoke a command immune to hangups
nologin(8)          - politely refuse a login
np(4)               - Interlan Np100 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
nroff(1)            - emulate nroff command with groff
ns(3)               - Xerox NS Ns(tm) address conversion routines
ns(4)               - Xerox Network Systems(tm) protocol family
nsip(4)             - software network interface encapsulating NS packets in IP packets
nslookup(8)         - query Internet name servers interactively
null(4)             - the null device
number(6)           - convert Arabic numerals to English
od(1)               - octal, decimal, hex, ascii dump
open(2)             - open or create a file for reading or writing
openprom(4)         - OPENPROM and EEPROM interface
operator(7)         - C operator precedence and order of evaluation
overchan(8)         - update the news overview database
overview.fmt(5)     - format of news overview database
pac(8)              - printer/plotter accounting information
pagesize(1)         - print system page size
parsedate(3)        - convert time and date string to number
passwd(1)           - modify a user's password
passwd(5)           - format of the password file
passwd.nntp(5)      - passwords for connecting to remote NNTP servers
paste(1)            - merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files
patch(1)            - a program for applying a diff file to an original
pathalias(8)        - mail routing tools
pathconf(2)         - get configurable pathname variables
pause(3)            - stop until signal
pax(1)              - read and write file archives and copy directory hierarchies
pc(1)               - Pascal compiler
pcl(4)              - DEC CSS PCL-11 B Network Interface
pdx(1)              - pascal debugger
perl(1)             - practical extraction and report language
pfbtops(1)          - translate a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII
phantasia(6)        - an interterminal fantasy game
phones(5)           - remote host phone number data base
pi(1)               - Pascal interpreter code translator
pic(1)              - compile pictures for troff or TeX
pig(6)              - eformatray inputway asway Igpay Atinlay
ping(8)             - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
pipe(2)             - create descriptor pair for interprocess communication
pix(1)              - Pascal interpreter and executor
plot2ip(1)          - convert Unix plot(5) format to Interpress
pmerge(1)           - pascal file merger
Pnews(1)            - a program for posting news articles
pom(6)              - display the phase of the moon
popen(3)            - process I/O
portmap(8)          - DARPA port to RPC program number mapper
ppi(4)              - HP-IB printer/plotter interface
pr(1)               - print files
printcap(5)         - printer capability data base
printenv(1)         - print out the environment, set and print environment
printf(1)           - formatted output
printf(3)           - formatted output conversion
profil(2)           - control process profiling
promptdate(1)       - accept date entry and print out in specified format
protocols(5)        - protocol name data base
prunehistory(8)     - remove file names from Usenet history file
ps(1)               - process status
ps(4)               - Evans and Sutherland Picture System 2 graphics device interface
psbb(1)             - extract bounding box from PostScript document
psignal(3)          - system signal messages
pstat(8)            - display system data structures
pty(4)              - pseudo terminal driver
publickey(5)        - public key database
putc(3)             - output a character or word to a stream
pwcache(3)          - cache password and group entries
pwd(1)              - return working directory name
pwd_mkdb(8)         - "generate the password databases"
px(1)               - Pascal interpreter
pxp(1)              - Pascal execution profiler
pxref(1)            - Pascal cross-reference program
qe(4)               - DEC DEQNA Q-bus 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
qio(3)              - quick I/O part of InterNetNews library
qsort(3)            - sort functions
query(1)            - query nameservers through resolver library calls
queue(3)            - implementations of lists, tail queues, and circular queues
quiz(6)             - random knowledge tests
quot(8)             - display total block usage per user for a file system
quota(1)            - display disk usage and limits
quotacheck(8)       - filesystem quota consistency checker
quotactl(2)         - manipulate filesystem quotas
quotaon(8)          - turn filesystem quotas on and off
radixsort(3)        - radix sort
rain(6)             - animated raindrops display
raise(3)            - send a signal to the current process
rand(3)             - bad random number generator
random(3)           - better random number generator; routines for changing generators
random(6)           - random lines from a file or random numbers
ranlib(1)           - table-of-contents for archive libraries
ranlib.5(5)         - archive(library) table-of-contents format
rb(4)               - HP98720 ``Renaissance'' device interface
rbootd(8)           - HP remote boot server
rc(1)               - shell
rc(8)               - command script for auto-reboot and daemons
rcmd(3)             - routines for returning a stream to a remote command
rcp(1)              - remote file copy
rcs(1)              - change RCS file attributes
rcsclean(1)         - clean up working files
rcsdiff(1)          - compare RCS revisions
rcsfile(5)          - format of RCS file
rcsfreeze(1)        - freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS
rcsintro(1)         - introduction to RCS commands
rcsmerge(1)         - merge RCS revisions
rd(4)               - CS/80 disk interface
rdist(1)            - remote file distribution program
read(2)             - read input
readlink(2)         - read value of a symbolic link
realloc(3)          - reallocation of memory function
realpath(3)         - returns the canonicalized absolute pathname
reboot(2)           - reboot system or halt processor
reboot(8)           - stopping and restarting the system
recno(3)            - record number database access method
re_comp(3)          - regular expression handler
recv(2)             - receive a message from a socket
refer(1)            - preprocess bibliographic references for groff
re_format(7)        - POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions
regex(3)            - regular-expression library
regexp(3)           - regular expression handlers
register(1)         - register with Kerberos
registerd(8)        - Kerberos registration daemon
remote(5)           - remote host description file
remove(3)           - remove directory entry
rename(2)           - change the name of a file
renice(8)           - alter priority of running processes
repquota(8)         - summarize quotas for a file system
resolver(3)         - resolver routines
resolver(5)         - resolver configuration file
restore(8)          - "restore files or file systems from backups made with dump"
rev(1)              - reverse lines of a file
revoke(2)           - revoke file access
rexec(3)            - return stream to a remote command
rexecd(8)           - remote execution server
rindex(3)           - locate character in string
rint(3)             - round-to-closest integer functions
rlog(1)             - print log messages and other information about RCS files
rlogin(1)           - remote login
rlogind(8)          - remote login server
rm(1)               - remove directory entries
rmail(8)            - handle remote mail received via uucp
rmdir(1)            - remove directories
rmdir(2)            - remove a directory file
rmt(8)              - remote magtape protocol module
rnews(1)            - receive news from a UUCP connection
Rnmail(1)           - a program for replying via mail
robots(6)           - fight off villainous robots
rogue(6)            - exploring The Dungeons of Doom
route(4)            - kernel packet forwarding database
route(8)            - manually manipulate the routing tables.
routed(8)           - network routing daemon
rpc(5)              - rpc program number data base
rpcgen(1)           - an RPC protocol compiler
rs(1)               - reshape a data array
rsh(1)              - remote shell
rshd(8)             - remote shell server
rstat(1)            - remote status display
rune(3)             - rune support for C
ruptime(1)          - show host status of local machines
rwho(1)             - who is logged in on local machines
rwhod(8)            - system status server
rx(4)               - DEC RX02 floppy disk interface
rxformat(8)         - format floppy disks
sail(6)             - multi-user wooden ships and iron men
savecore(8)         - "save a core dump of the operating system"
sc(1)               - spreadsheet calculator
scandir(3)          - scan a directory
scanf(3)            - input format conversion
sccs(1)             - front end for the
script(1)           - make typescript of terminal session
scsiformat(8)       - format SCSI disks and show SCSI parameters
sed(1)              - stream editor
select(2)           - synchronous I/O multiplexing
send(2)             - send a message from a socket
sendbug(1)          - mail a system bug report to 4bsd-bugs
services(5)         - service name data base
setbuf(3)           - stream buffering operations
setgroups(2)        - set group access list
setjmp(3)           - non-local jumps
setlocale(3)        - natural language formatting for C
setmode(3)          - modify mode bits
setpgid(2)          - set process group
setregid(2)         - set real and effective group ID
setreuid(2)         - set real and effective user ID's
setruid(3)          - set user and group ID
setsid(2)           - create session and set process group ID
setuid(2)           - set user and group ID
sh(1)               - command interpreter(shell)
shar(1)             - create a shell archive of files
shells(5)           - shell database
shlock(1)           - create lock files for use in shell scripts
showmount(8)        - show remote nfs mounts on host
shrinkfile(1)       - shrink a file on a line boundary
shutdown(2)         - shut down part of a full-duplex connection
shutdown(8)         - "close down the system at a given time"
sigaction(2)        - software signal facilities
sigaltstack(2)      - set and/or get signal stack context
sigblock(2)         - block signals
siginterrupt(3)     - allow signals to interrupt system calls
signal(3)           - simplified software signal facilities
sigpause(2)         - atomically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt
sigpending(2)       - get pending signals
sigprocmask(2)      - manipulate current signal mask
sigreturn(2)        - return from signal
sigsetmask(2)       - set current signal mask
sigsetops(3)        - manipulate signal sets
sigstack(2)         - set and/or get signal stack context
sigsuspend(2)       - atomically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt
sigvec(2)           - software signal facilities
sin(3)              - sine function
sinh(3)             - hyperbolic sine function
size(1)             - display object file segment sizes (text, data and bss)
slattach(8)         - attach serial lines as network interfaces
sleep(1)            - suspend execution for an interval of time
sleep(3)            - suspend process execution for interval of seconds
sliplogin(8)        - attach a serial line network interface
snake(6)            - display chase game
socket(2)           - create an endpoint for communication
socketpair(2)       - create a pair of connected sockets
soelim(1)           - eliminate .so's from nroff input
sort(1)             - sort or merge text files
split(1)            - split a file into pieces
spp(4)              - Xerox Sequenced Packet Protocol
sqrt(3)             - cube root and square root functions
st(4)               - CCS SCSI tape driver
stab(5)             - symbol table types
stackres(1)         - execute an RES file and print what remains on the stack
startslip(1)        - dial up and login to a slip server
stat(2)             - get file status
statfs(2)           - get file system statistics
stdarg(3)           - variable argument lists
stdio(3)            - standard input/output library functions
sticky(8)           - sticky text and append-only directories
strcasecmp(3)       - compare strings, ignoring case
strcat(3)           - concatenate strings
strchr(3)           - locate character in string
strcmp(3)           - compare strings
strcoll(3)          - compare strings according to current collation
strcpy(3)           - copy strings
strcspn(3)          - span the complement of a string
strdup(3)           - save a copy of a string
strerror(3)         - system error messages
strfile(8)          - "create a random access file for storing strings"
strftime(3)         - generate formatted time information
string(3)           - string specific functions
strings(1)          - find printable strings in a file
strip(1)            - remove unnecessary information from executable files
strlen(3)           - find length of string
strmode(3)          - convert inode status information into a symbolic string
strpbrk(3)          - locate multiple characters in string
strrchr(3)          - locate character in string
strsep(3)           - separate strings
strspn(3)           - span a string
strstr(3)           - locate a substring in a string
strtod(3)           - convert ASCII string to double
strtok(3)           - string tokens
strtol(3)           - convert string value to a long or quad_t integer
strtoul(3)          - convert a string to an unsigned long or uquad_t integer
strxfrm(3)          - transform a string under locale
stty(1)             - set the options for a terminal device interface
stty(3)             - set and get terminal state(defunct)
su(1)               - substitute user identity
subst(1)            - substitute definitions into file(s)
swab(3)             - swap adjacent bytes
swapon(2)           - add a swap device for interleaved paging/swapping
swapon(8)           - "specify additional device for paging and swapping"
symlink(2)          - make symbolic link to a file
symlink(7)          - symbolic link handling
sync(2)             - "synchronize disk block in-core status with that on disk"
sync(8)             - force completion of pending disk writes (flush cache)
syscall(2)          - indirect system call
sysconf(3)          - get configurable system variables
sysctl(3)           - get or set system information
sysctl(8)           - get or set kernel state
syslog(3)           - control system log
syslog.conf(5)      - (unknown subject)
syslogd(8)          - log systems messages
systat(1)           - display system statistics on a crt
system(3)           - pass a command to the shell
tail(1)             - display the last part of a file
talk(1)             - talk to another user
talkd(8)            - remote user communication server
tan(3)              - tangent function
tanh(3)             - hyperbolic tangent function
tb(4)               - line discipline for digitizing devices
tbl(1)              - format tables for troff
tc(4)               - HP98544 98550 ``Topcat'' and ``Catseye'' device interface
tcgetpgrp(3)        - get foreground process group ID
tcopy(1)            - copy and/or verify mag tapes
tcp(4)              - Internet Transmission Control Protocol
tcsendbreak(3)      - line control functions
tcsetattr(3)        - manipulating the termios structure
tcsetpgrp(3)        - set foreground process group ID
tee(1)              - pipe fitting
telnet(1)           - user interface to the TELNET protocol
telnetd(8)          - DARPA TELNET protocol server
termcap(3)          - terminal independent operation routines
termcap(5)          - terminal capability data base
termios(4)          - general terminal line discipline
test(1)             - condition evaluation utility
tetris(6)           - the game of tetris
texttoip(1)         - convert an intertext file into Interpress
tfmtodit(1)         - create font files for use with groff - Tdvi
tftp(1)             - trivial file transfer program
tftpd(8)            - Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
tf_util(3)          - routines for manipulating a Kerberos ticket file
time(1)             - time command execution
time(3)             - get time of day
timed(8)            - time server daemon
timedc(8)           - timed control program
times(3)            - process times
timezone(3)         - return the timezone abbreviation
tip(1)              - connect to a remote system
tm(4)               - TM-11 Ns / Tn TE-10 magtape device interface
tmpnam(3)           - temporary file routines
tmscp(4)            - DEC TMSCP magtape interface
tn3270(1)           - full-screen remote login to IBM VM/CMS
toascii(3)          - convert a byte to 7-bit ASCII
tolower(3)          - upper case to lower case letter conversion
touch(1)            - change file access and modification times
toupper(3)          - lower case to upper case letter conversion
tp(4)               - ISO Transport Protocol
tput(1)             - terminal capability interface
tr(1)               - translate characters
traceroute(8)       - print the route packets take to network host
trek(6)             - trekkie game
trie-gen(1)         - generate a minimal-prefix trie
trn(1)              - threaded read news program
troff(1)            - format documents
trpt(8)             - transliterate protocol trace
trsp(8)             - transliterate sequenced packet protocol trace
true(1)             - return true value
truncate(2)         - truncate a file to a specified length
ts(4)               - TS-11 magtape interface
tset(1)             - terminal initialization
tsort(1)            - topological sort of a directed graph
tty(1)              - return user's terminal name
tty(4)              - general terminal interface
ttyname(3)          - get name of associated terminal(tty) from file descriptor
ttys(5)             - terminal initialization information
tu(4)               - VAX-11/730 and VAX-11/750 TU58 console cassette interface
tunefs(8)           - tune up an existing file system
types(5)            - system data types
tzfile(5)           - time zone information
tzset(3)            - initialize time conversion information
ualarm(3)           - schedule signal after specified time
uda(4)              - UDA50 disk controller interface
udp(4)              - Internet User Datagram Protocol
ul(1)               - do underlining
umask(2)            - set file creation mode mask
umount(8)           - unmount filesystems
uname(1)            - display information about the system
uname(3)            - get system identification
undelete(2)         - attempt to recover a deleted file
ungetc(3)           - un-get character from input stream
unifdef(1)          - remove ifdef'ed lines
uniq(1)             - report or filter out repeated lines in a file
unix(4)             - UNIX-domain protocol family
unlink(2)           - remove directory entry
unvis(1)            - "revert a visual representation of data back to original form"
unvis(3)            - decode a visual representation of characters
up(4)               - unibus storage module controller/drives
update(8)           - flush internal filesystem caches to disk frequently
uptime(1)           - show how long system has been running
users(1)            - list current users
usleep(3)           - suspend execution for interval of microseconds
ut(4)               - UNIBUS TU45 tri-density tape drive interface
utf2(4)             - "Universal character set Transformation Format encoding of runes
utime(3)            - set file times
utimes(2)           - set file access and modification times
utmp(5)             - login records
uu(4)               - TU58 Ns / Tn DECtape II UNIBUS cassette interface
uuencode(1)         - encode/decode a binary file
uuencode.format(5)  - format of an encoded uuencode file
uupoll(8)           - poll a remote UUCP site
uuq(1)              - examine or manipulate the uucp queue
uusend(1)           - send a file to a remote host
uusnap(8)           - show snapshot of the UUCP system
va(4)               - Benson-Varian interface
vacation(1)         - return ``I am not here'' indication
valloc(3)           - aligned memory allocation function
vd(4)               - VERSAbus storage module controller/drives
vfork(2)            - spawn new process in a virtual memory efficient way
vgrind(1)           - grind nice listings of programs
vgrindefs(5)        - language definition data base for
vi(1)               - screen oriented(visual) display editor based on ex
vipw(8)             - edit the password file
vis(1)              - display non-printable characters in a visual format
vis(3)              - visually encode characters
vlimit(3)           - control maximum system resource consumption
vmsprep(1)          - VMS tape preparation aid
vmstat(8)           - report virtual memory statistics
vp(4)               - Versatec interface
vtimes(3)           - get information about resource utilization
vv(4)               - Proteon proNET 10 Megabit ring
vx(4)               - (unknown subject)
w(1)                - "who present users are and what they are doing"
wait(1)             - await process completion
wait(2)             - wait for process termination
wall(1)             - write a message to users
wc(1)               - word, line, and byte count
what(1)             - "show what versions of object modules were used to construct a file"
whatis(1)           - describe what a command is
whereis(1)          - locate programs
which(1)            - locate a program file including aliases and paths
who(1)              - display who is logged in
whoami(1)           - display effective user id
whois(1)            - Internet user name directory service
wildmat(3)          - perform shell-style wildcard matching
window(1)           - window environment
worm(6)             - play the growing worm game
worms(6)            - animate worms on a display terminal
write(1)            - send a message to another user
write(2)            - write output
wump(6)             - hunt the wumpus in an underground cave
xargs(1)            - "construct argument list(s) and execute utility"
xchess(1)           - X chess display
xneko(6)            - cat-and-mouse chase in an X window
XNSrouted(8)        - NS Routing Information Protocol daemon
xroach(6)           - cockroaches hide under your windows
xstr(1)             - "extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings"
yacc(1)             - an LALR(1) parser generator
yes(1)              - be repetitively affirmative
yyfix(1)            - extract tables from
zcmp(1)             - compare compressed files
zdiff(1)            - compare compressed files
zforce(1)           - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files
zgrep(1)            - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zic(8)              - time zone compiler
zmore(1)            - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
znew(1)             - recompress .Z files to .gz files

List of man pages available for 4.4BSD

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